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Yangon’s transportation system is moving towards an intelligent transportation network which aims to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of transport networks.
The availability of Internet connections on a mobile, on-demand basis has the potential to influence transportation choices in important new ways. 
Public transportation use, for example, was often limited by:
a)       Perceptions of security;
b)       Lack of timely and accurate information about the service;
c)       The availability and convenience of the service
including concerns about reliability and wait times.
Yangon Smart Transit app has the potential to address each of these barriers.
Security concerns may be alleviated by the ability of riders to photograph and report incidents by cell phone.
Realtime trip planning and vehicle tracking applications can overcome information barriers and address concerns about reliability and wait times of the buses.

Why yangon smart transit is Different From Other transit applications ?

Navigation Apps supply two kinds of information to users: static and real-time. Static information essentially provides data from bus schedules and maps to users in a more convenient and user-friendly format. But while static information shows when the bus is supposed to arrive based on a schedule, real-time information shows where the bus actually is, using GPS systems to communicate to users the current status of the buses. With Yangon Smart Transit app, riders have access to trip-planning and scheduling information everywhere at their home or in waiting areas and on transit vehicles themselves. This made it possible for users to plan trips and refer to information while on the go. It also meant that if they missed a connection or got off at the wrong stop, they could easily reroute because smartphones are location-aware, people could also get transit directions to a destination from their current location without having to know where they were. Yangon Smart Transit app is the only navigational application in Myanmar that uses REAL TIME DATA which makes it unique and the most reliable navigational application in Yangon.

About of Yagon Smart Transit Application

New, technology-enabled transportation services have the potential to reshape Yangon’s transportation system. Individually, these services have the potential to reduce or eliminate key barriers to the use of non-driving modes of transportation. In general, technology has been seen by researchers to substitute for travel in the short run and stimulate travel in the long run. The availability of Internet connections on a mobile, on-demand basis has the potential to influence transportation choices in important new ways. Smartphones, for example, provide travelers with access to voice and text communications, information and entertainment en route, enabling time spent waiting for buses or riding on trains to be used more pleasantly or productively than before. The ability to stay connected while in travel is an important selling point of public transportation ridership relative to automobile driving. Preliminary results from recent research suggest that users who perceive public transit as providing an opportunity to multitask may be more likely to choose public transit over driving.


Our Vision

To provide real time information on the transportation system for the citizens of Myanmar which will assist them to avail the best form of transportation to save time and improve their quality of life.

Our Mission

To become the No.1 Smart Transit Information provider for the citizens of Myanmar through a process of continuous technological development and integration of the application to all forms of transportation system in Myanmar.


Our Values

1) A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
2) A commitment to innovation and excellence
3) A commitment to ensure the commuters make use of the public transportation system to improve their quality of life.
4) A commitment to make the transportation system safe and secure so that it can be availed by all age groups.

Benefits of YST ?

Yangon Smart Transit is a mobile transit software application developed in Yangon, Myanmar. It has been designed for aggregating and mapping real time public transit data, functional in Yangon. It offers a real time journey planner to navigate public transit networks (Yangon Bus Services) with GPS navigation. Yangon Smart Transit is currently available for the Yangon Bus Services and later it will be made available for other transit modes like water taxis, trucks and railways soon. Users can access a live map, and view nearby bus stops and stations based on their current GPS location, as well as plan their trips while availing the Yangon Bus Services based on real time data. With the global positioning satellite information, users can predict and visualize, when the next YBS bus will arrive at any given bus stop, thereby reducing wait times and reliance on schedules. The user can plan their departure time to the bus stops using the real time data which will enable them to use their time more effectively.

"Car-Free" and "Car-Light" Lifestyles

Yangon Smart Transit application also has the potential to expand the share of Yangon households with the freedom to live without a car, or to live with fewer cars than they own today. Transportation is the second-largest household expenditure, after only housing, and ahead of food, clothing, education and health care. Owning, maintaining and fueling a car is a significant drain on household budgets, especially when times are tight. Commuting by car is a stressful experience, one that can have a negative impact on overall well-being. Traffic congestion and unpleasant commutes are among the major reasons that an increasing number of people in Yangon find driving to be a chore. Finally, people coming to recognize that time behind the wheel cannot also be spent staying connected with others via cell phones or the Internet—at least not safely. With an Intelligent Transportation network, people of Yangon can avail the public transportation system and stay connected with their closed ones using their time more effectively without having the stress of driving their own cars.

Benefits in Detail

How to use the App ?

How to Use ?

  • can login with registered user account or social accounts
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    Download App

  • Android App On Google Play
  • Download on the App Store
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    User Can login with registered user account or social accounts.

  • Register & Sighn Up
  • User can register with email, phone and other social account (Facebook and Google)
  • splash

    Home Page

  • Home
  • Profile
  • About Bus Lines
  • YPS Services
  • Offers
  • splash

    User Profile

  • In profile menu, user can see their information and can update the information (Photo, name, phone and email) and the password also.
  • Payment Options, where the people of Yangon can pay bills for YPS card for the future.
  • In notification menu, user can see the list of notifications that sent from admin console of YST app admin. So we can notify all offers and Greet on the festival times and alert if any emergency too.
  • Logout function – is for logout your current account.
  • splash

    Bus Lines

  • In about bus lines, if you click the bus lines icon, will show all the available bus line which we have attached to ASTI.
  • With Line number and routes (FROM and TO )
  • splash

    Bus Stops

  • If you click the bus line, we will show all the route of the bus stops of onwards and return direction.
  • Future expansion will be to connect with the map.
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    Yangon Payment Service

  • Locations of YPS center will show on the map.
  • If select one of these point, the information of selected point will show with you location, so you can search the nearest location.
  • If you want to navigate to this point, please click the “Navigation Symbol” it will show you the data of the (G&G Store) with Lat&Long.
  • If you click “OK” it will route you through Google map and you click direction and start, it will show you the time and the distance and the route on the map with live directions
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    Search by Direction

  • In search by direction, user need to search FROM and TO bus stops
  • splash

    Search by Location

  • User can also select current location if he does not know the nearest bus stop, app will show nearest bus stop to walk.
  • splash

    Buses Available

  • All Available Buses will show if the route have the bus.
  • splash

    Live Bus

  • After selecting the TO and FROM bus stop, in the list of buses available, user can choose from one of the bus which he can plan with his time.
  • You can start live direction, there real time bus will show and it is coming to your point of bus stop
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    Start Live Direction

  • Route preview will show with your point and destination and the distance and approximate time to reach to the destination with the price which is yet to update from ASTI.
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    Directions of the Bus Stops

  • When the bus crossed the last bus stop, the color of the bus stop will change to blue.
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    Final Destination

  • Alert message – Reached your final bus stop.
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    Recent Searches

  • User have a option to select the recent searches of the last five.
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    Alternative Routes

  • If the bus is not available, the user can get Alternative routes.
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    Transit Planning

  • You can share at the top of sharing button, if will route to all the options sharable apps.
  • If you want to share your location to your friends, relative and the loved ones,
  • If you click the alternative route, it will show you the transit routes of the buses with real time data.
  • On which the user has the option “Show more options”, if click we get the additional buses with additional times.
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    Search by Bus Stop

  • You can search bus stop, to know which buses is coming to selected bus stop
  • List of buses will with arrival times to the bus stop and user can do refresh to get latest update data.
  • Future expansion will be connecting with the live map to show the real time direction of the bus, currently we will mention the bus route under the bus line name.
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    We are a team of exceptionally creative and smart people helping the world in leveraging technology to achieve a greater purpose in Transport Intelligence Network and Information Technology industry. We are driven by our inner zeal to think out of the box and we believe two smart people can solve a problem faster. We are passionate about our innovation and we believe that dedication and commitment can help us achieve our goals in terms of customer satisfaction.

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